Specialist onboarding & induction programmes

Create the experience that gets new starters ‘fired up’ and ‘ready to go’.

Starting a new role should be exciting, well organised and memorable for all the right reasons.

Yet all too often, we hear stories of new starters experiencing quite the opposite: no formal structure, managers not being aware or prepared and a lack of induction training.

Our bespoke inductions for new employees are designed specifically for you, ensuring everyone joining your organisation has a great experience from the start and helping to motivate and settle them into their new role, enhancing your customer experience and brand reputation.

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Tailor-made onboarding and induction programmes that go beyond the ordinary

Whether it’s a one-day immersive session, a week-long journey, or a comprehensive four-week programme, we meticulously design everything we deliver to meet the unique requirements of the job role, your organisation and, most importantly, the aspirations of your new team member.

Drawing on our expertise working with companies like Sky TV, Now TV, OVO Energy, Octopus Energy and M&S Energy and our in-depth knowledge of what makes a captivating new starter journey, we create an experience that leaves an indelible mark – reflecting your culture, values inspiring excellence and nurturing the ambitions of every new team member.

The benefits

  • Create a consistent induction experience for all new people to aid motivation and productivity, which builds confidence and knowledge from the start.
  • Setting your people up for success from day one will reduce attrition, ensuring they deliver a good return on investment.
  • Enhance your brand by creating a positive first impression that reflects your values and culture.
  • Differentiate your business to attract and retain talent.
  • Meet new people from all parts of the business, engage and learn from each other and feel part of something from the start.

How we can help

We build your induction programme, taking everyone on a journey to understand where the business started, where it is heading, what you do and how and why you do it.

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As well as understand your brand’s mission, culture, values and tone of voice.

Our induction programmes for new staff can include training in your product and services, sales skills, customer service, systems and compliance, assessments/knowledge tests/role plays, call listening and role play and shadowing.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Operations Director
Lightsource Renewable Services

They supported our team in transitioning to inhouse induction management.

Brenell did a fantastic job of creating a fully-functional induction that included a week in-house training, plus time on site doing practical activities and a 5-week on the job sign off process with buddy system ending in a final assessment day. They created a full set of trainer notes, support material and preparation guides, with slides and a detailed workbook for all new starters. Brenell worked with all departments, getting to know our business, even going on-site with our engineers. They transferred that into a professional induction, supporting the delivery of the first few inductions and helping our team prepare to take it over to run it in-house. The induction programme far exceeded our expectations and we will happily recommend Brenell’s services to anyone.

Head of Retail
OVO Energy

A seamless fit with our company and a superb customer experience

Brenell grasped our needs, aligning our culture and expectations. They designed our sales induction, ensuring a seamless fit with our company and a superb customer experience. Their adaptability shines as our retail business expands nationwide. I trust them with our teams, appreciating their quality, professionalism, and flexibility. Recently, Brenell’s specific development workshops for our retail managers yielded impressive results.

Can we help you create your new starter experience or refresh your current induction?