Customer services training that inspires loyalty

Discover the key to delivering great experiences that will keep your customers
coming back for more.

To deliver excellent customer service, you need a team that understands how to adapt quickly to all situations, personalities, and behaviours, winning customers’ trust and creating loyalty.

Our collaborative, bespoke workshops delve into the core principles of great service and how to deliver unparalleled customer service experiences and promote retention.

Bespoke workshops to deliver sustained success through outstanding customer service

We collaborate with you to create custom training workshops that equip your team with the expertise and motivation to turn every challenge into an opportunity to showcase exceptional service and build customer rapport. And by doing so, creating a ripple effect of loyalty and advocacy that defines your business and differentiates your brand. 

All our training is designed and developed from our comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA), ensuring that what our trainers deliver relates specifically to your business, your people and the environment they work in. 

The benefits

  • Develop a customer services team fully equipped to turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Delight your customers and inspire trust and loyalty, transforming your customers into positive advocates for your business.
  • Create a more supportive customer service culture to attract, motivate and retain talent.
  • Protect and enhance your brand reputation.

How we can help

Effective communication in customer services starts with the ability to listen, confirm you understand, respond in the right way and work towards a resolution. 

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What you say and how you say it will set the tone for how your customer responds. The right words, body language, and misunderstanding of what they said can lead you down a negative pathway and result in losing customers. 

Our workshops look at the tools to create positive conversations that lead to effective resolution with the available solutions. If you know how to present the solution correctly, you will have a higher chance of a successful outcome. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Finance Director
Naturally Morocco

They tailored their approach to our specific’s changed the way we work.

Before Brenell Training did their work, our sales team was hesitant about the need for an external trainer. However, the way Brenell led the training and tailored their approach to our specific needs and characteristics has led to identifiable benefits and changes in the way we work. The teams are all now keen for more from Brenell and I have no doubt that the investment in this enjoyable training was worthwhile.

Network Director
GK Telecom

We’ve seen a direct impact on sales - increasing revenue and giving us a return on our investment.

Brenell and their team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and they have always delivered training solutions which have had a direct impact on sales – as well as motivation and skills development – increasing revenue and giving us a return on our investment. We have recommended their services to our own customers and partners – if your business is looking to develop its people then you should definitely consider Brenell Training. They always deliver more than what we expect and make training fun and enjoyable.

Ready to deliver sustained success through outstanding customer service?