Coaching delivers on different levels to group training or workshops. It enables the person to move from “I will” into “I can”.

We can all lose sight of the goal, get stuck in a rut, blame others for our own failings, it’s all natural human behaviour. The choice is whether we stay were we are or get help to realise our true goals and aspirations.

Whether personal, business or executive coaching, we all need help and guidance. What we fail to see is that we often have the answers already, we have just not realised it.

Coaching helps us to reach the solutions we desire. It opens doors we have yet to explore, and helps us to realise the opportunities we have available to us and makes us set realistic timeframes to achieving these goals.

According to the International Personnel Management Association, ordinary business training and courses typically increase productivity by 22% but when combined with business coaching productivity improves by 88%.

Our initial coaching sessions last up to 1 hour between the coach and the individual and are held in a private room either on your premises or nearby. Alternatively, these can be over the phone or via Zoom, Teams, Google or Skype. Thereafter, they usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour – depending on needs and areas of focus.

Whether you want personal, business or executive coaching, why not contact us to discuss how coaching could open those doors to the success you desire.

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