We provide business training and coaching services for individuals, businesses and organisations across the UK. We specialise in sales, customer service and developing your onboarding induction experiences. With more than 30 years in training, we ensure all our training is what you and your business needs and leaves you with the results you’re looking for.

Founded in January 2008 by management professionals Gareth Hill and Julieanne Bratchie-Hill, we’ve developed a training network throughout the UK, designing and delivering sales, customer service, management and induction  solutions based upon the following three core values:


We all deserve an opportunity to learn, reach our potential and be the best we can be. We have placed belief at the heart of our training company and constantly explain, show and guide you to achieve your training goals so you can really see what is possible.


We make all our training as enjoyable as possible, which is a principle we learn as children and still applies to us as adults. When we’re enjoying ourselves we retain more information and, where possible, we’d rather you learn through constructive, challenging and hands-on exercises rather than sitting all day listening to someone telling you what you should be doing.


We bring the very best out of you through positive coaching and guidance, identifying and focussing on your business and personal goals to create a clear path for you to follow. By applying these values to everything we do, we inspire and motivate individuals and teams to quickly get to where they want to be.

When you choose Brenell Training, your business is making a valuable investment, which will be returned through you, your people and the continued growth of your organisation.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your business training needs.

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