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Customer Service Training Outline


Customer Service Training.


Generally half-day or one-day sessions but can be delivered via hourly coaching sessions or as part of week-long or month-by-month programmes.

Who is this training for?

Any business, organisation or individual which has internal or external customers who they deal with face-to-face or over the phone.


To help businesses and individuals identify and set a customer service standard for their organisation and understand what real customer service looks and feels like.

To deliver great customer service on a daily basis resulting in satisfied customer that return and recommend you to others.


By the end of your training you, your staff and your business will be able to:

  • Understand what great customer service looks and feels like
  • Deliver a great customer experience every time
  • Know what you want your customers to say about you and what you can do to get them to say it


  • Course introduction and overview
  • Introductions
  • Who are your customers
  • Cost of new customers versus existing customers
  • Setting the standards
  • Is it true the customer is always right
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Customers on the phone
  • Problem solving using S.O.L.V.E.
  • Why does this keep happening
  • Who do you work for
  • Make a difference
  • Test the theory
  • Action Plans

We can integrate your own customer service reports and data into the training, using actual examples experienced by your customers, and use the course as a platform for setting a new level of service expectation for your customers.


All our training and development ideas are thoroughly researched and comprehensively tested prior to delivery, allowing us to work cost-effectively and efficiently.

All our training is based on our initial comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with the resulting training courses or programmes reflecting the findings of this analysis.

Personal coaching is available and we can integrate your own customer service reports and data into our training using actual examples of customer care as experienced by your customers.

Our courses include a cost/benefit analysis and we will also help you put Personal Development Plans (PDPs) in place allowing you to monitor your ongoing performance and identify future training needs.


This decision is down to you and the facilities available to you and your business.

Our experiences has shown that any training or coaching needs to be away from busy office areas with, meeting rooms or boardrooms ideal as long as they have adequate seating and desk space, a flip chart and preferably air conditioning.

If your final course requires other specific facilities such as break-out rooms, stages or room for larger groups (20 or more), evening team building or overnight stays then we can look for hotel and conference facilities to meet your requirements and budget.

Ultimately, the training will deliver the skills, knowledge and hands-on practice you require but a comfortable environment ensures your delegates focus on the training and not on any unnecessary distractions.

However, we will always offer and recommend what is right for the training you need.

Additional Information

To find our more about our customer service training contact us on Freephone 0808 120 1141 or 07782 324 312 or email us at solutions@brenelltraining.com.